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My name is Wayne Kelterer, Construction Estimator for one of the top Electrical Contractors in the Country by day, vineyard walker by night and weekend.

I work hard to bring you the stories behind the bottle. They are stories of sacrifice and dedication, failure and success. They are real. I will do my best to present something genuine and honest and it is my hope we will learn something along the way.

No pomp. No scores. No PR bows.


W a y n e  K e l t e r e r

What a few others have said about me:

I’ve had the pleasure to speak to several writers recently who weren’t particularly interested in writing about the wines of Tablas Creek, but about the soul.  One such writer is Wayne Kelterer, who a few months back started the blog “A Long Pour: Fifty-Two Weeks with California Wine“.  On this blog, he profiles one winery each week.  The profiles are done on-site, incorporate his excellent photography, and include an in-depth interview with a principal or winemaker at each winery.  I think that the care that he takes on these pieces is evident in the results…in the profile Wayne includes a transcript of what might be the longest, most in-depth interview I’ve ever had published.” – J a s o n  H a a s, Tablas Creek

“Wayne Kelterer is putting together a really cool wine blog where he spends time shooting the breeze with winemakers and then reports back on the personalities and stories of the people in the wine industry, rather than being an armchair Robert Parker with copious over the top tasting notes of wines he’s drank.  His blog is interesting because it is stories and people and it looks very nice.  He has interviewed some cool people… with plenty more to come!” – D a v e  P o t t e r, Municipal Winemakers

A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to meet Wayne Kelterer and give him a tour of Landmark.  Wayne began a journey in January with one goal in mind.  His goal������is to visit 52 different California wineries before the end of the year.  Each visit is documented on his blog, “A Long Pour {Fifty-Two Weeks with California Wine.” Wayne is great guy and a big supporter of small family run wineries.  His blog was recently nominated for “Best New Wine Blog.”  Good luck Wayne, hope you win. – N i c k  B e n z Landmark Vineyards


Bonny Doon: Day of the Doon IX {Photo Essay}

September 22, 2011

Bonny Doon: Day of the Doon IX {Photo Essay}

We have grown rather accustomed to long trips for short stays, so much so that a 500 mile weekend is not such a big deal anymore. There are a lot of events we are invited to and we can only attend a few of them. But when Randall Graham asks you to attend, you attend. […]

Secret Project {the reveal}

August 17, 2011

Secret Project {the reveal}

A few weeks ago I posted the “Secret Project” with some shots of  a friend’s new winery taking shape. At the time, the space was still in a raw state, holes in the ground, bare walls, cut concrete. In terms of photographing a new winery, one might say there was not much to see, no […]